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Outsmart Bots, Secure Your Sites & Apps: Real-Time Protection Everywhere. 

Take Control of Your Digital Traffic: Stop Bots in Their Tracks Before They Cause Damage.

Secure your applications. Control your environment. Enable your business.

Faster Than the Flood: Nysroc’s AI Recognizes and Thwarts DDoS Attacks Before They Cause Damage.

Infrastructure DDoS Protection

This security solution shields your organization’s networks and infrastructure from volumetric floods at the network-layer (L3/4), including SYN floods, ICMP floods, UDP floods, and other similar attacks. Furthermore, it safeguards your DNS infrastructure from DNS DDoS attacks, including DNS query floods, DNS amplification attacks, DNS randomized subdomain (also known as “water torture”) attacks, and more

Web DDoS Protection

NYSROC’s Cloud DDoS Protection users can take advantage of an extra layer of security through the Cloud Web DDoS Protection add-on, which is specifically designed to identify and mitigate complex application-layer DDoS attacks. The Cloud Web DDoS Protection utilizes advanced L7 behavioral-based detection and mitigation techniques to thwart sophisticated Web DDoS Tsunami attacks, providing protection against advanced HTTP/S floods that use sophisticated randomization methods to evade conventional security measures.

Sachin Birajdar

Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

“Nysroc provides DDoS protection for any infrastructure, including on-prem data centers, private or public clouds, integrated WAF, bot and API protection for all environments, multi-faceted protection for public cloud environments, and advanced multi-cloud ADC.”

All-inclusive Scalable, Flexible Service

In addition to base infrastructure DDoS protection, NYSROC suite of services includes multiple add-ons providing much comprehensive multi layered protection and allows for an inclusive, flexible and customizable protection:

The Bot Manager is designated to provide blanket protection from bot threats with its detection and mitigation engine.

  • Intent-based deep behavioral analysis
  • Embedded machine-learning modules that learn and evolve from feedback received
  • Device and browser fingerprinting
  • Anomaly detection based on automated identification of a genuine user flow
  • Identification of emulation, impersonation, tampering, spoofing and replay attacks through Secure Identity and Google/Apple attestation before your mobile app is hit

Extensive integration of Bot Management options are designed to fit any existing infrastructure without the hassle of network or infrastructure changes. Choose the integration option best suited for your needs:

  • Web Server Plugins
  • Cloud Connectors
  • JavaScript Tag
  • DNS Redirection
  • Virtual Appliance

Bot Manager’s granular data reporting and analytics allows users to analyze website traffic. The comprehensive dashboard lets you:

  • Analyze all traffic to your site, including real-time reporting of malicious bot traffic, legitimate traffic, crawlers, and more
  • Set up your choice of mitigation options and configure other bot management actions based on your unique needs
  • Configure your own custom alerts

The Bot Manager’s in-built advanced technologies outperform its competition by some distance. Smartly differentiation between good and bad traffic using:

  • User behavior analysis
  • Dynamic Turing tests
  • Collective bot intelligence
  • IP reputation feed
  • Intent-based analysis
  • Device and browser fingerprinting
  • Blockchain-based mitigation
  • Secure Identity
  • Google/Apple attestation

The NYSROC Crypto Challenge mitigation is based on the cryptographic proof-of-work concept used in various blockchains, and designed to deliver:

  • Continuous, invisible browser-based challenges to suspected bots that automatically and exponentially become more difficult if solved
  • A challenge-response model that creates a ‘Cyber Counter Strike’ by forcing an attacker’s CPU to work harder and longer, thus taking a toll on the attackers resources
  • A convenient CAPTCHA-free user experience for legit users
  • Mitigation of sophisticated CAPTCHA-solver and avoider bots

Experienced data analysts at NYSROC Bot defence lab provides your organization with:

  • Real-time threat monitoring
  • Analysis, investigation, and response to malicious threats
  • Customized weekly reports

DDoS-Proof Resilience: Guaranteed Uptime for Every Organization

Stop chasing security solutions. Nysroc APaaS grows with you, keeping your apps shielded as your business evolves. Cloud expansion shouldn’t mean security sprawl. Nysroc APaaS simplifies and scales your protection across any environment.

DDoS Protection and Quarantine Service to enable any business need

With Nysroc Application Protection as a Service, you can easily manage and scale your application security as you grow your business, evolve your application architecture, and expand your cloud environments and services. Enjoy a blanket of security for your entire application environment.

Custom Solution to Protect from Modern Advanced DDoS Attacks

Repelling DDoS attacks, specifically focusing on modern, advanced and more sophisticated, they evade traditional defenses, or target vulnerabilities in newer technologies. Tailored to fit specific needs as it is powered by machine learning, behavioral analysis, custom filtering rules and cloud-based scrubbing,

Seamless deployment to match specific needs of an organization

Adjustable according to any network topology or threat profile, including on-demand, always-on or hybrid deployment models. Offering DDoS protection expertise from battle-hardened experts offered as a fully-managed service. 

Optimal DDoS Protection and Mitigation Service to Meet Any Organization’s Needs

With Nysroc Application Protection as a Service, you can easily manage and scale your application security as you grow your business, evolve your application architecture, and expand your cloud environments and services. Enjoy a blanket of security for your entire application environment.

Cloud DDoS Protection Services

NYSROC offers custom Cloud DDoS Protection Service managed for any size and type of business with specific needs. 

NYSROC’s Hybrid Cloud DDoS Protection Service integrates with Radware’s on-premise DDoS protection device. Recommended for organizations that can deploy an on-premise device in its data center.

Hybrid Cloud DDoS Protection Service delivers:

  • Minimal induced latency in peacetime as traffic is diverted only upon volumetric DDoS attack that aims to saturate the Internet pipe.
  • Shortest time to protection with mitigation starting on-premise in real-time.
  • No protection gap when traffic is diverted to the cloud through real-time sharing of traffic baselines and attack footprints between Radware’s on-premise device and cloud protection service.
  • Single point of contact and extensive managed services by battle proven security and DDoS experts.

Always-On Cloud DDoS Protection Service provides always-on protection where traffic is always routed through Radware’s cloud security scrubbing centers with no on-premise device required for detection and mitigation.

Recommended for organizations that have applications hosted in the cloud or those that are not able to deploy an on-premise attack mitigation device in their data center.

Always-On Cloud DDoS Protection Service delivers:

  • Shortest time to protection as traffic is continuously routed through Radware’s DDoS protection services
  • Minimal customer involvement – proactively fully-managed by Radware’s security experts
  • Rapid onboarding process as no on-premise device is required

Radware’s On-Demand Cloud DDoS Protection Service protects against Internet pipe saturation and is activated when the attack threatens to saturate the organization’s Internet pipe.

Recommended for organizations that are looking for the lowest cost solution and are less sensitive to real-time detection of application-level and SSL\TLS based DDoS attacks.

On-Demand Cloud DDoS Protection Service delivers:

  • On-demand attack mitigation with Radware’s ERT Standard Service
  • Traffic diverted to cloud only upon volumetric DDoS attacks
  • Diversion based on link utilization thresholds, flow statistics or manually

Global Coverage, Massive Capacity

Nysroc Cloud DDoS Protection Service is backed by a worldwide network of19 scrubbing centers with 12Tbps of mitigation capacity (and growing). Radware’s scrubbing centers are globally connected in full mesh mode, using Anycast-based routing. This ensures that DDoS attacks are mitigated closest to their point of origin and provides truly global DDoS mitigation capable of absorbing even the largest volumetric attacks.

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