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Choose a single solution for comprehensive WAF, bot management, API protection, client-side protection and application DDoS protection.

Secure your applications. Control your environment. Enable your business.

Stay Secure While Your Business Thrives

Effortlessly Scale and Manage Your Application Security with Nysroc’s Application Protection as a Service, Tailored for Business Growth, Application Architecture Evolution, and Cloud Environment Expansion.
Providing end-to-end security for your entire application environment.


Enabling the healthcare to ensure availability, performance, security, and operational efficiency for all business critical applications, while reducing the operational costs of managing the application delivery network infrastructure.


Gamers expect high throughput with low latency and top-end performance. NYSROC committed to provide them with a seamless immersive experience.


NYSROC solutions enables the IT infrastructures and make it easier for educational institutions to provide faster, more reliable and safer transactions.


The Government sector is enabled by NYSROC to align application delivery network behavior with regulatory processes and policies so they can respond to real-time events while providing superior service to their constituents.

Financial Services

With help of NYSROC Solutions the financial service providers can now provide improved customer service, risk control, deploy services faster and reduce costs.

Open Banking

NYSROC is leading the way to secure the new age revolution and the way in which customers access financial services and bank.

Chris Donnelly,

 Chris Donnelly, Executive Vice President of Connectivity, Switch

“As the world’s best colocation data center provider, we want to provide our customers with the highest quality cyber-attack protection available today. With NYSROC Attack Mitigation System, we can maintain business continuity for our customers even in the face of a volumetric attack”

An easily adoptable security system regular use

 Scalable Security, Untroubled Growth: Defend Your Applications Wherever They Roam with Cloud-Agnostic DDoS Protection
Stop Attacks in Their Tracks with These Proven Solutions

Online Business

NYSROC's flexible and unified application delivery network approach lets you deliver your applications everywhere - over the Internet and all the way across the WAN - optimizing end-to-end network behavior for high scalability, consolidation, operational cost savings, meeting service level agreements and delivering the best user experience.



The rapid growth experienced in the SaaS market represents a transformation in how technology is delivered, but it also represents a major increase in the risk posed by cyber-attacks. The motives to attack SaaS providers can be for various reasons, but the impact can be catastrophic for a SaaS business.



Enabling the Manufacturing sector by providing high-grade security to deploy applications seamlessly and enable business agility as well as being productive while focused on productivity and growth.



The expansion of retails business has faced sophisticated tech innovation that further attracts phishing attacks, NYSROC's robust solution ensures blanket protection against such threats.

A Security Stack You Would Actually Use

With NYSROC Application Protection as a Service, you can easily manage and scale your application security as you grow your business, evolve your application architecture, and expand your cloud environments and services.
Enjoy a blanket of security for your entire application environment.

Cloud Firewall-as-a-Service

A strong cloud network firewall solution enabling dirty traffic restriction before it reaches your own network.

DNS DDoS Protection

Preventing users from losing access to their websites, services and APIs when DNS server gets attacked.

5G Protection Solution

Securing all protection points of 5G networks. Offering maximum coverage, accurate detection, and the shortest protection time.

Application Protection for Any Cloud

Protecting applications in variety of environments with a single platform inclusive of high-grade security tools.

End-to-end Public Cloud Protection Solution

Complete range of cloud security solutions that deliver cutting-edge and consistent security measures across various cloud environments, development platforms, and threat surfaces.

In-Depth Reports and Analysis

Up to date Cybersecurity news, updates and developments

Recent Web DDOS threats & how to stay protected.

Explore the latest trends and findings about application protection in a multi-cloud world.

2023 H1 Global Threat Analysis Report.

Gather key data and intelligence to preemptively refine your protections against the latest cyberattacks.

IDC Spotlight: DevSecOps and Application Security

Discover current trends and research about safeguarding applications in a multi-cloud setting.

End of year report: 2022 State of API Security

Majority of Companies Consider Their APIs to Be Insufficiently Secured.

Application Protection for Any Cloud Powered by Nysroc SecurePath™

Secure Applications Across Distributed Environments

Reduced Latency | No Route Changes | No SSL Certificate Sharing | Increased Uptime


Trusted By Over 12,500 Enterprises in 80+ Countries

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